2023-2025 Strategic Plan

In Northwest Indiana, over 40% of households can’t afford basic needs such as childcare, housing, food, transportation and healthcare.

We receive approximately 1,000 phone calls from neighbors requesting emergency help every year.

And we know that call is often the tip of an iceberg. Some of our community’s challenges run deep. There are urgent needs, and there are root causes below them. The 2023-2025 Strategic Plan addresses both.

After COVID, almost half of Indiana residents said they can’t find a job that pays enough. More than a third said they’re struggling to provide food for the household. A majority in some demographics said if they had an emergency $400 expense, they would simply not be able to pay for it, according to a survey from Indiana United Ways.

The stories community members have shared with us truly inspired a bold plan for harnessing the power of caring to help people thrive here in NWI.

Four Goals

By the end of 2025, we will:

  1. Reduce the number of NWI households living below financial sustainability levels by producing 1,000 graduates through the Level Up Program.
  2. Guide at least 3,500 community members to the immediate help they need by creating a one-on-one case management and referral service.
  3. Refine and strengthen our operational foundation, ensuring we operate with efficiency and effectiveness, accountable to all, demonstrating at least 35% improvement in Key Performance Indicators.
  4. Increase annual revenue to $10 million.

2021-2022 Community Report

Join Us!

Today more than ever, we need your support. If you believe, as we do, that everyone in Northwest Indiana deserves the right to thrive, please consider donating to advance the plan.

There are many ways to get involved. We welcome corporate sponsorships and volunteers. Email info@unitedwaynwi.org or call 219.464.3583 to learn more.