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Level Up

Is this the program for you?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then it just might be.

  • Do you work all the time, but still have trouble paying the bills?
  • Have you missed work because your childcare is not reliable?
  • Do you want to move up in your career, but need more training or education in order to do so?
  • Are you one financial emergency away from being in financial ruin?
  • Do you meet the necessary requirements?
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Customized pathways to financial stability

Take a chance. Build confidence. Increase income. Reap the rewards.

Tap into Level Up to access the community resources and support you need to succeed. Provided in a one-on-one setting, we’ll help strengthen your resolve to build a better future for you and your family. Level Up with access to:

  • Soft skills training
  • Financial education training
  • Trade/certification training
  • Job connection, employment and retention guidance
  • Financial and social-emotional assistance to eliminate barriers

The program is flexible to meet client needs. Depending upon client circumstances, the program can be completed anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

Clients Receive

  • Navigator one-on-one support services:
    • Financial education counseling and access to workshops on topics like expense planning, credit repair, savings and home ownership.
    • Career planning support.
    • Assistance navigating community resources.
    • Support and encouragement network.
  • If applicable,
    • Access to training, licensing and certification opportunities to support career goals.
    • Access to community resources that help you gain financial stability now.​​​
Apply for the Level UP Program