United Way staff

Regional Impact

Together, We’re United In Our Mission

When two local United Ways combined to form United Way of Northwest Indiana, our community gained access to more dedicated team members, a greater shared vision and limitless potential. Together, we can impact our community like never before.

Adam O’Doherty, our new President and CEO, is leading the charge to unite the region. Growing up in Minneapolis, he experienced firsthand the unique challenges that face Midwestern communities. He’s dedicated his career to advocating for children, families, and neighbors who bring so much to the table and need just a little help in return.


Adam O'Doherty

“No single entity or group can solve the challenges that face our students, our families, or our communities. It takes commitment from all sectors—education, business, higher education, civic and philanthropy. We all need to work together with shared accountability and high expectations for every person in our communities.”

Adam O’Doherty
President and CEO