happy children in circle wearing backpacks outdoors

Backpacks United

Help hungry students stay on track.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ever-increasing numbers of children and families are suffering from hunger. While schools are working hard to provide children free breakfasts and lunches during the school week, it isn’t always enough.

Children are still going hungry on the weekends. Children who go to school hungry are unable to concentrate and miss out on valuable learning experiences, gradually falling academically behind. In the Valparaiso school district alone, nearly twice as many children are now affected and need your help.

Backpacks United helps make sure students don’t go hungry on the weekend. Through your donation, students are provided with enough food for weekend meals—so they can go to school ready to learn on Mondays. Over time, their health, behavior, school attendance, and test scores improve. We can all help ensure kids in our community have access to the food they need to grow and succeed in school—and in life.

Program details

  • Cost per backpack $8 per kid per weekend. A gift of $240 sponsors one child for the whole school year.
  • Packs are distributed on Friday afternoons and include kid-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner items that they can easily prepare on their own.

Will you help?